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Offices!  What are they anyway?  Offices are a place to do work for a company.  Typically they are focused activities involving computer access, business processes and telephonic communications.  Most if not all the work is completed while the individual worker sits at a desk in a cubicle or office.  Managers sit in their offices at a computer terminal managing and supervising work in process and schedule work to be completed.

All these activities tend to be isolated activities not requiring interpersonal interaction.  With the exception of coffee breaks and meetings, there is little interpersonal interaction.  Paying invoices, managing bank accounts, scheduling shipments, taking orders for product or services, creating invoices and a host of other activities all occur within the individual's cubicle or office.

Meetings are notoriously viewed as unproductive and a waste of time.  Few managers actually evaluate the cost of assembling numerous people and reviewing static information (reports, statistics, etc.).  Communications from management can be effectively done with video conference (if group interaction is desired) or by electronic means (email, voice mail, telephone, texting, instant messaging etc.).

With the inexpensive availability of internet based high speed broadband data communications, most 'office activities' could be conducted from just about anywhere.  In fact there is a growing presence of 'virtual companies' that have no 'brick and mortar' presence.  They exist in the virtual world of the internet: email, twitter, facebook, LinkedIn and web sites!

We help companies and individuals take advantage of today's technology.  Why spend hours in traffic, burning fossil fuels or electricity; time is money, why sit in traffic when you could be working?  Arriving at the office every morning, frustrated from traffic congestion, getting your coffee and settling down at your desk in the corporate office is more and more just plain unnecessary!

Solution to Outsourcing

Many companies have chosen to 'outsource' business services to foreign companies to save money.  How many of these companies evaluated the option of just outsourcing employee's offices?  What is the delta of cost differential between providing home office or remote satellite office support to support local employees compared to supporting a similar group of foreign nationals who don't understand your business as well as local employees?

Office Support

Let us help you evaluate or re-evaluate your outsourcing decisions.  Providing employees an alternative to long & tedious drives to the office every day, saving fuel/energy, saving TIME while providing cost effective office support services is what we do!

Let us help evaluate your business processes to integrate remote office support.  Providing 'offices at home' or satellite offices closer to concentrations of workers will save office expenses, time and aggravation.  Happier employees, less stressful office workers, make for a more effective work force!  We can do a full Company Resource Management Review of your entire business operation.  

Less stress often means fewer sick days.  Less time off for family emergencies providing flexible work schedules make employees happier and more productive!

Please see the following sections for examples and case studies of how Satellite Office Solutions can help save you money, improve employee productivity and 'green-up' your corporate environment!

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