Working Remote
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Success Story

There are a host of services we can offer a company or individual who want to implement remote support office solutions.  First let's discuss how this might work.  One of our clients approaches technical support solutions with satellite offices and remote infrastructure support.

This large mid-south refinery client with offices in Texas and refinery operations in Alabama utilizes a distributed office support arrangement out of necessity as much as out of good business practices.  Corporate offices, refinery operations, procurement and product sales are distributed in satellite office throughout the country.  Information Technology services are delivered by a very small internal employee support group and 'outsourced' to Free Agent service companies for specialized technical support.  EDI Support Services is one of the outsourced companies chosen to support all electronic transaction processing for the procurement division.  The enterprise resource planning and support system is serviced by a remote company as is the application support services.  All these service operations are linked/connected by 24/7 broadband virtual private networks which allows for around the clock support.  No waiting for on-call site visits when immediate support is available at the click of a mouse.

Cost Effective Approach

This approach is cost effective and supports critical business activities.  There is no need for on-site presence for most business requirements.  The ability for the core management team to manage work is the key component.  Just because a person is 'in the office' does not mean they are productive.  The ability to manage work is a key component to the implementation of Working Remote and our support services.

There are a host of cost justifications to implement Satellite Office Solutions and remote office support.  Among some of the best are the following:

  • Lower cost of office space

  • Mitigation of Disaster Resource Planning and Response

  • Reduced Impact in the environment

  • Reduced cost of commuting to the office

  • Lower Absenteeism Rates

  • Increased Personal Productivity

  • Reduced Employee Stress - Lowered Medical Costs

  • Improved Employee Retention Rates

  • Better Family/Life /Work Balance

  • Ability to Recruit Better and More Qualified Workers

  • Improved Access to Better Qualified Support Services

We work with you to evaluate and evolve an approach that works for your company.  No single solution is possible.  There are a plethora of service and support tools available.  They include:

  • Ready to Occupy Remote Office Sites

  • Telephonic and Video Conference & Meeting hardware and software

  • Networking and Broadband connections, configuration and maintenance

  • Document Management Systems - Secure retention and access to corporate documents remotely

  • Remote Information Technology Services and Support Infrastructure

  • Integration with Disaster Recovery and Strategic Planning

  • Compliance with Sarbanes Oxley and HIPAA Healthcare Security, Privacy and Access Control

  • Electronic Commerce implementation and Support

  • Project and Work management tools, procedures and business process integration

  • Evaluate Computer Resource Utilization and Management

The KEY FACTOR to keep in mind, that the end result is a better managed and more productive work force that promotes a PROFITABLE Enterprise operation!