Working Remote
Freedom & Independence

Ok, there are issues with dealing with an office at home or any 'remote office' configuration.  The main issue is setting rules, boundaries and conflict resolution criteria!

First of all the work to be done remotely must have some form of measurable metric to determine acceptable performance.  It may be as simple as no customer complaints or a lengthy to do list defined in a position description or from a detailed project plan.  The main thing is that is must be quantifiable and measurable AND documented.

That can be a major issue for many companies and their managers.  Often (too often), managers just expect a worker to be on time and occupy space.  They do work,  but there are few, if any, metrics.

The boundaries also must be set for 'on call' positions.  A set of 'normal' working hours or availability must be set.  Calls, email, or other contact outside this set period should be viewed as 'extra' work and compensated on an agreed basis.  Whether it is overtime, later comp time off or whatever, it must be taken into consideration.

Just because the individual worker is working from 'home' does not mean that they are available 24 X 7, unless that is part of the agreement.  There are times when the home office phone is sent to voice mail or routed to another worker for coverage.

Given the same consideration, if the remote or home office worker wishes to 'take a time out' for a doctor's visit, child's school activity or other 'personel time' during normal working hours, there must be an agreed upon notification and acceptance to adjust work time to compensate.  Maybe the worker will return and work into the late evening hours, on a Saturday/Sunday or whatever allows for an acceptable ROI for the time off taken.

All these factors MUST be considered, evaluated and documented before any remote or office at home program can be effectively implemented.

This is where Working Remote will provide guidance and assistance.  Many companies have poor metrics for measuring performance in the first place.  This consideration of remote work, satellite offices and home office work offers the opportunity to review, analyze and adjust business practices to better manage, control and generate a proper return.

We can have our consultants work with you to undertake a Business Resource Management Review.  We have professional consultants available to assist you.  Give us a call or contact us to start your process!