Working Remote
Freedom & Independence

"When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe."

~Thomas Jefferson ~ Jeffersonian Cyclopedia pg. 143~

Working Remote – The New Normal

Whether that COVID Plandemic was real or fakery, what IS happening is that people are realizing the amazing flexibility of being able to 'work from home' or remote and not at their desk in the crowded city.  No more driving an hour to a cramped office where the coffee is lousy and offices are noisy.  Nope, people have been working from home or regional offices and not driving an hour each way in traffic to go to a job they never really enjoyed/liked or cared about.  Not when they have been doing the same work, getting the same pay and working from home in their PJ's and still getting the job done; usually better and more efficiently.

Sure, some office equipment may be missing but people are finding out it is often not needed or they can get the same functionality closer to home.  Getting the same pay and not burning up gallons of gas, putting up with the frustration of traffic and rude office workers is NICE.  People just don't want that old 9 to 5 office routine anymore.

Companies are also realizing that all that office equipment, desks, chairs, air conditioning and space just isn't needed to make money and conduct business as usual.  Employees are often working more hours or doing their work better with less stress of commuting and dealing with co-workers and office politics.

Let's Make This Permanent!

We need to EXPAND and stop this 1800’s mentality of packed, pestilent infested, densely packed cities and Explore the wonderful expanse and consider creating regional hubs for workers or funding more ‘home office’ efforts.  WAY Cheaper than a Manhattan or Chicago high-rise/office; WAY CHEAPER.

There are an amazing number of, towns/cities that could be rejuvenated and repopulated with vital business operations.  The infrastructure is there; just needs updating.  The Roads are there and you would be surprised at how good they are.  The Western Heartland has numerous sites and not that far from major airports and infrastructure.  

 This Should be Our Future; Spread Out and Get some AIR.


We CAN maintain the pristine water and wilderness and merge with it, not destroy it.  We don't NEED massive homes with rooms seldom used. We can Blend In with Nature and maintain it's natural beauty. There is room enough for us ALL.

I have had my own business for over 45 years and most of that time worked at Client sites or from my well-equipped home office.  Companies NEED to realize they can save Million$ every year by Decentralizing Staff; also disburses the exposure to sickness/disease.  While we Are a Global market, we should focus on OUR OWN Country!

Working Remote is less stressful and more productive; once you get the hang of it!

A Home Office can be and usually IS better equipped and more functional than most corporate office cubicles.


Why Work in an Office when you Could Be Working From Anywhere?

~Working in a Central Office is EXPENSIVE~

Gasoline Prices ~ Traffic ~ Parking ~ Commute Time ~ Child Care ~ Wasted Time

Rising costs of office space in centralized 'downtown' areas are continuing.  Cost of parking, maintenance and support of costly high-rise office complexes continues to increase.  Gasoline prices in Florida are, now close to $5.00 per gallon in some areas and rising rapidly (September - 2023).  In California this is considered CHEAP.

Electric cars are really nice, but where do you plug them in in a high-rise office parking garage?  How much will it cost to install infrastructure to power these fuel efficient vehicles?  Have you priced one of these lately? Touted as 'green' the battery replacement cost is about $22,000 and how do you dispose of those massive things?

Traffic on highways and congestion leading to downtown areas where office workers cluster is increasingly frustrating to endure.  Tempers flare, road rage is common!  Where will it all lead?

It is either Chaos, Cacophony and Craziness or, simply to more distributed decentralized offices for clerical and professional workers.  That is where we can assist you!  Help you explore the cost effective measures you can take to ease the burden on your employees, your costly overhead expenses (SG&A) and improve the quality of life for your workers!

Move to a more distributed, decentralized operational business process, physically flattened organization and disaster proof operations.  With a mix of distributed offices, home office workers and satellite office solutions, you gain some or all of the following benefits:

Lessen your corporate environment impact - Green is Good, but Let's Get REAL!

Spread your concentration of key personnel over a wider geographical area.  In case of natural or man-made disaster, the risks of losing all of your support functions and management is dramatically reduced!

Gain employee loyalty and retention benefits.  Employees benefit from shorter/no commutes, transportation/parking and other expenses.

Get more work done.  Employees who don't spend hours commuting to the 'office' will be willing to work harder and become available on a more flexible basis.

Expand your office hours.  By providing both flexible work locations as well as working hours, your business operational hours can be extended; without increasing labor costs!

Happy less stressed employees will work more efficiently, more effectively and be more loyal and dedicated to the company who works WITH them to lessen the impact of working with the organization.

Reduce Healthcare and other costly benefits.  Your employees will be less stressed, incur less 'sick time' and family time off with more flexible work schedules and locations closer to home.

Family life will improve and your employees will be happier and less prone to look for work 'closer to home'!

It just makes sense.  With the technology and services currently available it makes little or no sense to commute daily to a concentration of people in crowded cities.  Technology and services make it possible to do most professional, clerical and office administrative work just about anywhere on the planet where a broadband connection to the Internet is available.

Take advantage of this technology.  Let Satellite Office Solutions help you explore your alternatives, assess the cost savings and work with you to implement your distributed work force!

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