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Support Employee Wellness!

Whether it's the flue or a cold, when employees get sick, it costs the company money. Major illnesses can raise the company insurance premium and it get's passed on to the employees as well.  Time off work impeeds business activities as others have to take up the slack.

How will your company/organization and YOU handle illness.  Cold & Flu will be frequent amongst co-workers.  Why do they bother to come to the office, only to infect and spread their illnesses?  Because they are afraid of loosing their job?  What about infecting co-workers and clients/customers?  

Have you ever been to a store, airport or other public place where you see/hear people coughing, sneezing and such?  They are spreading millions of germs/viruses EVERY time they expel their bodily fluids!  YUCK!  But still they come to work because they fear loosing future sick days.

Why don't companies/organizations (yes schools too) realize that staying HOME is the best way to limit exposure to disease and the spread of the disease.  Sure, it may not be life threatening, but it sure does create a lousy working environment.

Just think, every time a sick person coughs/sneezes into their hand, then they touch a door knob, keyboard, handrail or anything else in the common areas, they are potentially spreading their illness.

They need to STAY AT HOME until they are well.  In the end it benefits everyone.  Fewer co-workers infected. fewer families infected, because when they pick up something at work, they bring it home!  Then it spreads rapidly.

Why not let/encourage workers who can to work from home if their efforts are so critical to the operations of the business.  Teleconference into meetings instead of attending; only to infect other participants.  Working from home can let the employee get well, attend to family members who are sick while maintaining a minimum working presence or one that allows them to stay informed of critical events.

It only makes sense.  Let us assist your company in the establishment of a robust remote working environment.  Lessen the 'flu season' impact on your business and operations.  Keep your employees SAFE from the spread of disease that YOU can limit.  Working from a home office will help maintain a healthier work force, keep customers/clients safer and allow ongoing operations to continue with little interruption.

In this always-connected world there is just NO reason to NOT keep disease from spreading. Let us help you protect your company investment in your employees, keep their families safer and protect customer/clients!

Support Employee Wellness!